Social Media Marketing Tips from your favourite agency

There’s no doubt that social media is a great marketing and sales tool. It’s important to your business because it can help you create brand awareness, establish thought leadership, build trust and credibility, and get new customers.

If you’re having trouble converting random Facebook and Twitter users into real-life paying customers, use these tips.

1. Let Your Customers Shine

Deep down, customers want to know that you care about them—their needs, their wants, their concerns, and their opinions. So what better way to make customers feel special than acknowledge them on your profiles? Find ways to give kudos to your loyal fans and let your customers shine! Encourage your customers to post photos of themselves using your products. Encourage them to tell their stories, which you’ll share with the world.

By making your current customers feel valued and special, you can not only turn them into loyal brand ambassadors, but you can also show leads and prospects that you care about your customers, which increases trust.

2. Research Demographics

If you’re having trouble converting social media users to customers, you might be on the wrong sites. Consider who your buyer personas are. Now, what platforms are they known to use? You need to gear your marketing efforts towards the right demographics.

On Facebook, there are more female than male users, and although older users are becoming more common, it’s still a teen-dominated site. LinkedIn doesn’t have as many young people, but rather, more business-focused adults. It’s a good platform if you want to get new customers in the B2B world. Twitter is more heavily used by males than females. Pinterest is dominated by higher-earning women. And Instagram is preferred by young people.

Consider these facts when deciding where to focus your efforts so you can improve your results and successfully target the right audiences and get new customers.

3. Use Social Media to Collect Data

Social media isn’t just a great tool for sharing information. It’s also a stellar opportunity for data collection. You can use it as a research tool to piece together information about customers, to gain information about the needs of your target audience, and to improve your personalized cold emails. Listen and take note of what people are saying.

4. Use Humour

An increasing number of brands are now marketing on social media in order to get new customers. It can be difficult to stand apart these days. Using humour in your content can help you stand out from the pack. People love funny content, and it’ll stick with them.

5. Use Hashtags

Hashtags allow you to easily interact with interconnected users. People will follow hashtags that they’re interested in, so you can use them to find a wealth of new prospects to follow. Plus, when you use hashtags in your posts, then your content will be seen by everyone that follows them. Hashtags can broaden your reach so you can target new audiences in order to get new customers.

6. Engage

Above all, social media is about engagement. It’s about relationship building. Consumers don’t go on social sites to have advertisements shoved in their faces. They go to socialize, chat, and to have fun. Remember this. If your attitude is to sell, sell, sell, you won’t get new customers. Instead, start and join conversations, engage effectively, interact with users, and be real.

7. Be Patient

Social media doesn’t create customers overnight. But if you are strategic about your marketing efforts, over time, you can build your following and the trust and credibility that you require to win them over. Once this is done, you’ll be able to get new customers. Just be patient, don’t give up, but don’t act aggressively too soon after joining.